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(P) 630-543-4777
(F) 630-543-4792

Merchant Steel Fittings and Couplings – Brass Fittings
WBENC Certified


(P) 800-243-4844
(F) 860-647-1160

Pipe Hangers, Supports, Strut, Accessories and Rooftop Support Blocks

General Rubber


Rubber/Teflon/Metal Expansion Joints, Duct Joints, Braided Hose and Fittings, Spray Shields, Pinch Valves and Duckbill Check Valves

Georg Fischer

(800) 854-4090

Vinyl Fittings: PVC 40/80, CPVC Corzan® 80 – Vinyl Pipe: PVC, CPVC, Clear, Duct – Thermoplastic Valves: Manual & Automated Ball/Diaphragm/Butterfly – Double-See Piping System & Hycleen Automation System

Holyoke Fittings

(P) 800-222-0215
(F) 718-272-2956

Compression and Flare Brass Fittings, Thermoplastic Push-To-Connect Fittings and Valves

Jet Swet

(P) 800-727-1018
(F) 702-362-8850

Jet Swet Soldering Tool

Pasco Specialty

(P) 401-360-5010
(F) 877-377-6466

Plumbing/Heating Specialties, Tools, Gauges, Tubular Products, Commercial Faucets, Shower Pan Liner,
No-Hub, Flex and ProSeal Transition Couplings, Drain Snake Specialties,
HVAC Products: Pads, Brackets, Pans, Vinyl Tubing, Whips & Concentric Vent Kits

Quality/Standard Pipe Products

(P) 734-606-5100
(F) 734-606-5170

Manufacturer Domestic Pipe Nipples; Carbon Welded/Seamless, Brass, Stainless & Aluminum
Master Distributor Domestic Steel Pipe
Import Nipples; Welded Steel and Brass
Import Fittings; Malleable Iron, Brass & Stainless
Domestic Forged Steel Fittings/Outlets
Stainless Ball Valves

R&M Energy

(P) 800-654-5603
(F) 281-351-6557

Cast Iron Lubricated Plug Valves, Rectangular, Round and Multi-Port Designs

Reed Manufacturing


Plastic Pipe Tools, Water Service Tools and Machines, Pipe Cutters and Wheels, Grooving Tools, Power Drives, Pipe Threading,
Dies, Pipe Stands and vises, Wrenches, Pipe Bevelers and Hydrostatic Test Pumps


(P) 1-888-873-1423
(F) 1-248-399-7246

Pressure Gauges, Temperature Instrumentation, Regulators and Control Valves