Companies We Represent

Compnay Name


(P) 630-543-4777
(F) 630-543-4792

Merchant Steel Fittings and Couplings – Brass Fittings

Jet Swet

(P) 800-727-1018
(F) 702-362-8850

Jet Swet Soldering Tool


(P) 800-243-4844
(F) 860-647-1160

Pipe Hangers, Supports, Strut, Accessories and Rooftop Support Blocks

Holyoke Fittings

(P) 800-222-0215
(F) 718-272-2956

Compression and Flare Brass Fittings, Thermoplastic Push-To-Connect Fittings and Valves

Lasco Fittings

(P) 800-776-2756
(F) 731-772-0835

Complete line of plastic fittings: Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Insert, CTS, DWV, CPVC and Nipples

Colonial Valve

(P) 800-776-2756
(F) 731-772-0835

Thermoplastic Valves: Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Y Strainers and Electric/Pneumatic Actuation

Mercer Rubber

(P) 631-582-1524
(F) 631-348-0279

Rubber Expansion Joints, Duct Connectors and Hoses

Pasco Specialty

(P) 401-360-5010
(F) 877-377-6466

Plumbing/Heating Specialties, Tools, Gauges, Tubular Products, Commercial Faucets, Shower Pan Liner,
No-Hub, Flex and Proseal Transition Couplings, Drain Snake Specialties

R&M Energy

(P) 800-654-5603
(F) 281-351-6557

Cast Iron Lubricated Plug Valves, Rectangular, Round and Multi-Port Designs


(P) 1-888-873-1423
(F) 1-248-399-7246

Pressure Gauges, Temperature Instrumentation, Regulators and Control Valves